Saturday, September 15, 2018



Assalamualaikum WBT. Hello brothers and sisters, today I will be sharing my views about a traditional game in Malaysia by the name "Baling Selipar" or "Tuju Selipar". Baling Selipar is a traditional game in Malaysia. My parents used to play this game when they were young and they like to play it in the evening with their friends.                                         


If  you want to play Baling Selipar, you will need 4 or 5 players and you need 5 slippers to play the game. The rules to play this game is you need to 3 slippers and stack them like this in the picture and then you take 1 slipper and throw at that 3 slippers to drop them all down.


This game is not about winning and failing. You just need to throw a slipper at the 3 slippers that's all you need. you will have the greatest fun in your life! When the slippers fall down the game will end and u can keep on playing for as long as you want to! Being curious about this game, me and my friends decided to try it ourselves. BELIEVE ME GUYS. YOU DONT NEED YOUR PHONE ANYMORE TO PLAY MOBILE LEGENDS OR ROBLOX OR GRANNY OR WHATEVER GAME IN YOUR PHONE. PLEASE TRY IT! You will keep on playing and u will forget the time and suddenly you can hear your mom screaming calling you its maghrib time! This is what happen to my parents when they were young and I can really feel the fun and the joy in this game.

I believe there's a lot more traditional game in Malaysia that we, this generation should try. While i was writing this blog, my mom was telling me about her favorite game when she was at my age. It is BATU SEREMBAN. She said, she will make me a set of BATU SEREMBAN so me and my friends could try it together. I CANT WAIT FOR IT BECAUSE IT SOUNDS SO MUCH FUN!

All I was trying to say is, there is not really so much different between our generation and our parents generation. You just need to choose things wisely and enjoy it in a good manner. My mother told me, when it was her time crime do exist except it is not as bad as nowadays. So guys, be a good generation for a better us. JUST REMEMBER, WHAT U GIVE, U GET BACK.

I really do hope all of u enjoy reading this entry and i really do hope we go ahead and try some traditional games. It is so much fun guys. TRY IT YA 😉



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